Pengaruh Kompensasi Finansial dan Non Finansial Terhadap Motivasi Kerja Karyawan Universitas Brawijaya Hotel Kota Malang

Alif Furqoni Aulia Wisudawan, Eka Afnan Troena


Abstract: This research basically aimed to determine the effect of financial and non-financial compensation for employee motivation. The site chosen for this study is the UB Hotel Malang. This research was conducted to 62 respondents using a quantitative approach. Thus, the data analysis is the statistical analysis in the form of multiple linear regression. The results showed that these two independent variables (financial and non-financial compensation) simultaneously significant effect on employee motivation by test F = 6148 (Sig. 004). While the effect of partial, non-financial compensation variables significantly influence employee motivation with sig. 025 (t = 2,301). From the second independent variable was also found that non-financial compensation is the most variable in the variable has an impact on employee motivation.


Keywords: compensation, financial compensation, non-financial compensation, employee motivation, UB Hotel Malang

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