Penerapan Customer Relationship Management Untuk Menjaga Loyalitas Pelanggan Waroeng Steak and Shake (WSS) di Kota Malang.

Choirun nisa, Djumilah Zain


This  study  aims  to  find  the  influence  of  customer  orientation,  customer
relationship  management  (crm)  organization,  knowledge  management,  to
customer royalty Waroeng Steak and Shake (WSS) in Malang. Sampling technique
that  use  in  this  study  was  purposive  sampling  and  obtained  a  sample  of  100
respondents  who  are  customers  of  Waroeng  Steak  and  Shake  (WSS).  Data
analysis was perfomed by using  the  classical assumption and hypothesis  testing
using multiple linear regression analysis.
The  results of  this  study  indicate  that customer  relationship variable and
knowledge management are not significantly influence to customer loyalty. While
the  customer  relationship  management  organization  is  the  only  variable  that
significantly the customer loyalty.

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