Pengaruh Electronic Word of Mouth Terhadap Purchase Intention Dengan Brand Image Sebagai Variabel Mediasi Pada Situs Travel Online (Studi Pada Pengguna di Kota Malang)



 The study aims at identifying the direct and indirect effect of electronic word of mouth and brand  image  on  users  purchase  intention  in  Malang  City.  This  explanatory research  attempt  to  elucidate  the  casual  relations  among  variables  through  hypotesis testing. This study uses 100 respondents of consumers. The samples are selected using purposive sampling technique. The sample should be at least under the requirement of their minimum age of 17 and having at least once visited the website or read the online review of The research instrument is tested in terms of its validity, reliability, and classical assumption. The hypotesis is evaluated by t-test using SPSS 20, and the data are carefully examined by path analysis. The result of the study shows that Electronic Word of Mouth gives direct effect on both the purchase intention of users and the brand image  of  such  an  online  travel  site.  The  brand  image  itself  also  directly  influence  the purchase intention of users. This trend can lead the brand image to give indirect effect  in  mediating  the  influence  of  Electronic  Word  of  Mouth on  Purchase Intention  of users in Malang City. 

Keywords: Electronic Word of Mouth, Brand Image, Purchase Intention.

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