Individual Interest in E-Wallet Go-pay Transactions As Payment Services (Study on Students of Economics and Business Faculty of State Univeristies in Malang City)

Ayunda Deica Budia Putri


In this era of globalization, the development of information and technology causes some
changes in economic system, in particular the method of payment. This study aims to examine
the interest of individuals in making payments through e-wallet by using seven constructs
adopted from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) namely: perceived usefulness,
perceived ease of use, attitudes, perceived security, individual intention to use behavior; one
construct from the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT), namely
social influence; and one construct of trust that is trust in e-wallet. Through a quantitative
approach and data acquisition techniques using survey methods, this study examined 240
students from economics and business faculty of state universities student in Malang City. The
results of this study indicate that attitude, social influence, perceived security and trust have a
positive effect towards individual’s intention to use e-wallet Go-pay and intention to use have
positive effect towards use behavior. Furthermore, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of
use also have positive effect towards attitude. On the other hand, informal learning has no
positive effect towards individual’s intention to use e-wallet Go-pay. The results of this study
are expected to provide input to the e-wallet company application services to pay attention to
the features that related to the usage behavior, usage benefit, ease of use, security, trust and
social influence for developing and marketing e-wallet Go-pay products. It is because the
features are proven to be able to attract consumers to use e-wallet application such as Go-pay.
Keywords: Attitude, Intention to Use, Use Behavior, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of
Use, Social influence, Perceived Security, Trust, Informal Learning.

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