THE EFFECT OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE AND MACROECONOMIC CONDITION ON CORPORATE VALUE (Study on Consumer Goods Companies listed the Indonesian Exchange in the Period 2015-2019)

Rizki Hendraningrat


The research objective was to determine the effect simultaneously or partially on financial performance and macroeconomic conditions on the value of the Consumer Goods Industry companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI). The variables examined in this study include: Profitability proxied by Return on Equity (ROE), Liquidity proxied by Current Ratio (CR), Leverage proxied by Debt to Equity (DER), Inflation, and Interest Rates. The sampling method used in this research is purposive sampling, which is to apply certain criteria that eliminate the population according to the research requirements. Data analysis methods used in this study include: classical assumption test, multiple linear regression analysis, and hypothesis testing. The results of the data analysis show partially that profitability, liquidity, leverage and interest rates have a significant effect on firm value. Meanwhile, inflation does not have a significant effect on firm value. Then, simultaneously it shows that profitability, liquidity, leverage, inflation and interest rates have a significant effect on firm value.

Keywords : Firm Value, Profitability, Liquidity, Leverage, Inflation, and Interest Rate

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