A Qualitative Analysis of the Digital Marketing Influence on the Consumer Decision-Making Process of Different Generational Cohorts (A Descriptive Analysis on Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z and Shopee E-commerce Platform)

Desaira Alfi Noor Avia


Digital marketing changes how consumers recognize a problem, search for information, and evaluate a product, resulting in altering their purchasing behavior, which plays a crucial role in the consumer decision-making process. This study aimed to reveal how digital marketing influences consumer behavior during purchase decision-making using a qualitative approach as the research methodology with an exploratory approach, explaining the concept to clarify and define a problem's nature. The present study applied a convenience sampling technique. This study examined consumer's behavior based on their purchasing experience—fifteen respondents' opinions were collected to get a clear picture of the present study. The findings show that online user-generated contents mostly influence the consumer's way of searching for information. The research also revealed that consumers using a comparison method to determine the product's value on the evaluation stage.

Keywords: Digital Marketing, Consumer Decision-Making Process, Consumer Behavior

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