Pengaruh Dimensi Budaya Hofstede Terhadap Deviant Workplace Behavior. Studi Pada Karyawan Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Pratama Singosari

Dewi Faikhotul Himmah


This study aims to determine the effect  of  Hoftede cultural dimensions
simultaneously or partially on deviant workplace behavior to  Pratama Singosari
Tax Office’s employees . This type of research used in this research is explanatory
research to study the  effect of independent variables, namely  power distance,
collectivism/individualsm, masculinity/feminimity, uncertainty avoidance  and the
dependent variable is workpace deviant behavior. The research instrument used
was a questionnaire. Data analysis tool used in this study  is a multiple linear
regression, which includes the classic assumption test, multicollinearity test,
normality test, and  heterokedastisitas  test. As for testing the hypothesis include
the F test and t test. Results showed variable  power distance, collectivism
/individualsm, masculinity/feminimity,  partially contained  is not  significant
influence  on  the workpace deviant behavior. As for the variable  uncertainty
avoidance partially contained significant influence on deviant behavior workpace.
Key words :Power Distance,Collectivism/individualsm, Masculinity/feminimity,  
Uncertainty avoidance,  deviant workpace behavior.

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