Web-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Implementation Analysis at PT. Anugrah Jasa Caterindo

Nur Nafiastuti Ristianti, Eko Ganis Sukoharsono


ERP systems is an information technology that is designed to integrate and automate all
business processes and business functions of a company. This study is aimed at knowing the
analysis of ERP implementation by using Qualitative Case Study Research in a catering industry
company.  The data used in this study is primary and secondary data. For assessing the
performance of ERP systems condition, the study used  descriptive case study. Descriptive
analysis is used to gather or to collect in-depth information on ERP systems implemented by PT
AJC. It can be concluded that there have been different opinions and responses on ERP systems
performance in this company.  The  ERP systems has much supported and facilitated the
operational activities of PT AJC but ERP systems has not been fully implemented by PT AJC. It
is mainly implemented for its operational activities and  purposes.  As a matter of fact, the
implementation of ERP systems for operational activities by PT AJC is considered good, due to
the availability of the three basic elements of the system, namely: physical component, human
resources, organization, or industry processes.  

Keywords : ERP systems, Catering and Service Company, Case Study Analysis.

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