THE ANALYSIS ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR TOWARDS MODERN RETAIL SHOP AND TRADITIONAL SHOP (Case Study of Young Consumers’ Shopping Preference in Lowokwaru District, Malang)

Rizky Nindya Ariefiani, M.Umar Burhan


The emerging of modern retail shop nowadays slowly gives impact to the
consumers’ behavior especially in consumers’ shopping preference. The aims are to deeply understand  how  the  consumers’  behavior  towards modern  retail  shop and traditional  shop  and  what  are the factors that causing the  change in consumers’ preference towards modern retail shop compare to traditional shop. By using qualitative approach the result shows that the factors that attract them to shop at traditional shop are the close shop’s location and low price compare with modern retail shop. Different with that, the respondents stated  them  like service, product’s quality, facility, and convenience in shopping at modern retail shop.  

Keywords: Modern Retail Shop, Traditional Shop, Product, Shopping

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