The Effect of Brand Image and Perceived Price on Consumer Purchase Decision (A Case from Mac Cosmetics Powder Kiss Lipstick’s Customer on Tokopedia in Indonesia)

Ananda Yudistira


COVID-19 has become pandemic that changes every aspect in life across the globe. Physical activities are restricted by governments, included Indonesia. This phenomenon triggers positive trend in the e-commerce sector, especially on beauty product category. In order to enhance customer purchase decision, Mac Cosmetics must pay attention to their brand image that they had been built for years as well as perceived price. This study aims to analyze the effect of brand image and price perception on customer purchasing decisions. Multiple regression was applied to analyze this research. Through online questionnaire distributed to 140 respondents who has experiencing buying beauty product through Tokopedia, the finding reveals that Brand Image and Perceived Price have a positive impact on Customer Purchasing Decisions both separately and simultaneously. However, Perceived Price has the most dominant impact on Purchase Decision compare to Brand Image.

Keywords: Brand Image, Perceived Price, Consumer Purchase Decision, Mac Cosmetics

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